Moving along on our little home tour and today we will visit the master bath.

This was the first “after” picture of my first swing at the master bathroom.

Originally the bathroom was neutral from first sight. White counters, white tile in the shower, white tile floors plus 2 awesome skylights.

Not so lovely was the pickled pink wood vanities. Screech. Pickled pink wood y’all!?? Painting was imperative along with new hardware. Finally, once painted I could stand to go in there without freaking out over the pink wood….

Painted those babies Charcoal as fast as I could. I used Rustoleum Chalked for all cabinetry and their sealer. Ordered new hardware off Amazon and voila!


✅painted cabinets CHARCOAL

✅seal cabinets

✅new cabinet hardware

✅painted walls OFFSHORE MIST

EDIT/UPDATE Jan 18, 2019

A year and a half after moving in I finally painted the bathroom walls. I painted the master Offshore Mist so one job kind of rolled into the other.

Since there was so much ground to cover making this house into our home when we moved in I really had to channel my project ADD. Realistically the master bathroom is an area no one sees (unless you are a blogger) and was perfectly livable so it took a long time to be a priority.

I tend to shop the house when refreshing rooms. Pull in lots of texture like the fuzzy stool and fluffy bath mat. I also like organic elements like the rope weight, wicker basket for laundry and plants.

Happy everything is fresh, clean and more up to date. Updates don’t have to be expensive and a whole lot can be accomplished just a can of paint.



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