Next room on the progress tour is our youngest son’s. He didn’t care about decorating, repainting or room themes so his space took a backseat. I’ve done the other 3 kids rooms and in some cases more than once so it’s certainly his turn!!! You may see our deaf Great Dane, Greta, throughout the blog since she’s often keeping an eye on me. As if you can miss her half on and half off on the bed!??

Anyway, we started out with a baby blue room which I painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. I added a mountain mural on one wall just for fun. I’ll create a blog post with the steps to create a diy mountain mural after I finish showing y’all around.

I repositioned the furniture and sorted through all of the toys.

Before the ladder shelves were sort of exploding. I decided to keep some in bins down the hall in the storage closet and brought back only the most favorites.

It’s organized and balanced now. Added some little pine tree in burlap pots from the Christmas boxes to add some forestry. Lol.

His dresser was a hot mess. It got scraped in the move and scratched by the boy. It was time for a refresh!

I repainted it with Rustoleum Chalked Linen White. I ordered some super cute twig drawer pulls but they haven’t arrived yet.

Many moons ago we ordered a cardboard deer head off Amazon. It’s assembled like a 3-D puzzle.

We used newspaper strips to paper mache it then wrapped it in various tape to give it a solid shape. We sprayed painted it silver and it’s been that color ever since.

Placed an old window frame around the deer and hung it above his dresser to bring a little “nature” inside.

I love that we can display a project we made together as an art piece in his room.

Ordered this really cute storage ottoman that looks like a tree stump on Amazon. It’s a whimsical perch with hidden storage.


✅curtain panels

✅paint walls ALABASTER

✅Repaint dresser

✅mountain mural

-hammock, tent, teepee, bean bag, rug???

What’s unfinished? We may add a hammock, teepee, tent, bean back or faux animal rug in time under the mountain mural. The choice is all his.

Hope this room gives you some ideas for a woodsy outdoor bedroom theme. It was transformed with paint and very little else.

Here’s to bringing the outside in~


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