Welcome to the bedroom I custom designed for my son… and then my daughter requested to swap rooms with him. To share a progress update in this room is a little lengthy – it’s been painted once but decorated twice!

I made some tweaks to go from a rustic masculine space to a feminine bohemian bedroom without repainting or moving any major furniture between their spaces.

So- let’s first share the process of sprucing up the room post move in. I painted the all walls, baseboard and doors in a fresh coat of white paint.

Next, I taped off one wall and created bold horizontal stripes to accent the space. Love how crisp and fresh that looks!

We bought him a queen size mattress after we moved in but we didn’t buy a bed frame. There’s a blog in the archives with more details on building a custom headboard like this.

I custom built a queen sized headboard for the space and mounted it directly to the wall.

Found this gooseneck light at Lowe’s and loved the industrial vibe. I added a remote controlled puck light from Amazon instead of using a bulb for soft lighting without getting out of bed.

We kept the decor really clean and simple for him.



✅curtain panels

✅paint 3 walls white DECORATOR’s WHITE

✅new mattress

✅build a headboard w light

✅Remove desk

When they decided to swap *we only switched their bedding and belongings*. That was the deal that made it reasonable and doable. No carrying dressers and large furniture up or down 2 flights of stairs! There was also no repainting since both spaces have been freshly painted.

My daughter softened the headboard by adding a wreath around the light. It made it feminine but not fussy. At first we tried out this cotton wreath to see how it would look then she made her own plus added a string of lights. Sweet!

We also added a sweet hanging macrame chair found on Amazon which is so comfortable and cozy. I’ve been known to camp out in the corner there!

We brought in a vintage french door to add some architectural salvage. Kept the room in whites and wood tones with a hint of blush accents and plants.

Years ago she used a bike rim and jute to create this oversized dream catcher. I’ve always loved this creation and am happy we can use it in her space.

We layered a hanging plant on the dream catcher to finish it off. She doesn’t like clutter and leans to the minimalist side so we chose decor very, very selectively.

This dresser was Kermit the frog green and she painted it Country Gray using the Rustoleum Chalked line.

✅hang swinging chair

✅repaint dresser

-hang tv?

With a few tweaks and splurges like the swinging chair this turned into a lovely bohemian bedroom for my nature loving daughter.

If your kids ever decide to switch it up – just breathe. With a few ground rules it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!!!

Hope this provides ideas and inspiration whether you are looking for a rustic industrial look or a bohemian bedroom. This post shares the journey to and from both themes.

Happy decorating ~


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