Today I’ll walk you through the metamorphosis of the dining room which recently became the office.

Above it is shown with the original wallpaper and with the original light fixture.  We set this up as a traditional dining space… which was actually never used.  Wait- I did set up dessert at Christmas on the table.

The first change in this room was the swap out the light fixture Labor Day weekend.  The brass chandelier felt very “formal” to me and if you remember I brought some new light fixtures in our household goods.  I saved the brass and may use it elsewhere one day painted in a matte black.

Anyway, once the light fixture was changed I was happy to leave it as is as I worked on more pressing projects.

In the New Year I decided to work on the dining space again.  I decided to remove all of the wallpaper above the chair rail.  I decided to keep the wallpaper on the lower part of the wall as I liked the texture.

Wallpaper removal was from hell.  I can’t gloss that one over. I tried all kinds of tricks and quickly realized my wallpaper had been papered over so there were multiple layers to remove.  This was my least favorite project in history ever.  Hours of scraping and peeling before the walls were paper free.

I’m on a black, white and gray spree in this house.  I decided to paint below the chair rail Charcoal.  I thought it would make the baseboards and chair rail pop.  I decided to paint above the chair rail white to keep it from getting too dark.  Finally I decided to do something unconventional- I painted the ceiling a matte black.   I still debate whether to paint the center black too- I’m living with it for a while.  All in all I loved the simplicity of a black and white.  And we were done!!!!!


✅Remove wallpaper on upper walls

✅Prime all walls


✅paint ceiling TRICORN BLACK

✅Paint lower wallpaper CHARCOAL

✅Replace yel switch covers

✅Paint mirror black

✅Hang mirror and kotatsu

Ok, so now that ALL of the above was completed we decided to shift some rooms.  The tv placement in the great room wasn’t working due to a glare from the window.  We decided to shift the tv into the office area.

We had to empty the soon-to-be living area so we moved the desks from the office into the dining room.

I took the leaves out of the dining table and placed it under the bay windows.  All of the changes work however the light fixture is low without a table beneath it and somewhat deadly! We’ve all hit our heads on it one time- and then we’ve learned to avoid it. lol.

I don’t anticipate any looming changes in the dining room turned office other than possibly raising the light fixture.

We don’t need a formal dining area – we have plenty of seating elsewhere. We DO need an office space as my husband works from home a few days a week.

Sometimes you just have to live somewhere a few months to know how to use the space best! Are your rooms functioning their best for you?  If not, may this post generate some ideas for you 🙂

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