DIY Floor To Ceiling Headboard

My daughter found inspiration on Pinterest for a wood headboard that goes from the floor all the way up onto the ceiling.

This room has been untouched since we moved in. First thing I did was paint the walls Pure White by Sherwin Williams and then I painted the baseboards a charcoal color. I didn’t bother to paint the wall that I planned to cover with wood. You can see it’s still a yellowish color.

I used up scrap wood from former projects at the bottom of the wall knowing that the bed would be covering that area anyway. I planned on a rustic dark stain so it didn’t matter if the wood grain and tones didn’t match.

I cut the board lengths using my miter saw and used my jig saw for outlet areas.

I was mixing and matching whatever wood I had as I went up the wall to use up materials and save money. I got this far and needed to go to the lumber store. I picked up a sheet of pine and had it ripped every 6″ horizontally.

Slipped it in the Jeep and used a bungee cord to strap them to the head rest for safety!

Once I secured the boards close to ceiling height I went over them with Minwax gel Stain in “Coffee”. It was thick like pudding and didn’t run at all which I loved! I put it on with a cheap paintbrush and wiped excess off with a rag.

I decided to pre-measure and pre-cut the rest of the boards and stain them on an old piece of plywood. Figured it would be messy to stain above my head 😜

The pine board was imperfect and had some irregularities in the cuts. I didn’t really care because I wanted this to be imperfect and rustic.

Loving the dark, rich stain which created a homogeneous look even though I used various kinds of wood scraps with varied grain.

The idea was to take the headboard all the up onto the ceiling. I went as far as I could until I met a recessed light. Sigh. I would have liked to continue the wood a bit further but that’s not happening.

Overall it created a dramatic headboard and accent wall. All of the bedding and walls are white with dark woodwork really pops in the room!

We plan to have a wall framed out with French doors where you see the stained glass privacy screen. I have my quote and my contractor. Hoping to get that done in the next few months!

If you need a headboard or accent wall idea I hope this idea has your wheels turning!

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  1. Great idea; looking at your stopping point, I am wondering about bringing it on out into a triangular shape “end”? It would extend nicely and I am thinking it would miss your light fixture. It’s a great look.

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    That’s an idea to consider. I didn’t want to cut around the recessed lighting because it there aren’t lights symmetrically and it would drive me NUTS. I do have wood left over. I’ll share that idea with my daughter and see what she thinks. Love when people think outside the box- thanks!!!!

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