Have you seen those awesome curtain rods made with industrial pipes? Love them for boys rooms and anywhere you want a modern industrial feel! I also see lots of shelves with pipe combinations that I’d like to try someday.

In our former laundry room I wanted somewhere to hang bottles of cleaning products. I decided to mount 2 pipes next to the dryer to maximize and unused and out of sight wall. Since we had the metal wall I thought the pipes would be interesting and would tie in well.

Here you can see the finished industrial pipes. I have other blogs from this space such as using the corrugated metal sheets and how to create a skirt for your utility sink. It was a fun little laundry space.

Before I do any projects I usually do some google searches, troll Pinterest etc I like to read what works and doesn’t work from bloggers who have already done it. Most likely it’s been done before so why not learn from others mistakes and victories?

I found my shopping list on Pinterest as shown above to make the industrial pipe rods. *I made one change- I used plastic PVC pipe and plastic “nipples” instead of the long pipe piece. It’s lighter and less expensive. Easy to cut with a hack saw and just needed spray paint. Hard to believe your have to search the hardware store for nipples and may God help you keep a straight face if you have to ask for help🤣🤣🤣*.

I cut my PVC pipes the length I wanted and then sat out all the supplies. I purchased a can of Rustoleum Metallic spray paint to hit the PVC with.

Once sprayed you would never know it wasn’t all made of pipe!

Looking closer at the pieces you can see there are 4 holes in the flange. Use a level then take a pencil to mark the hole where you want to mount the pipes. Take it apart and screw in the flange. Next add the elbow and then attach the nipple and faux pipe.

And there ya go! You can get everything at your local hardware store and if you are military or veterans make sure to use your discount.

Use these steps for pipe curtain rod, hanging cleaning products, hanging buckets to hold craft supplies…the ideas are limitless!

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