DIY Desk Area Inside A Closet

Talking about closets today.  Riveting, right? First of all , my boys really seemed to struggle with bi-fold doors.  I think they lacked the patience to close them properly causing some yanking, pulling, pushing to the point that they would come off track.  Anyone with me? I literally took them off their closets and stored them in the garage.

Had they been girls I’ve seen long curtain panels used across the closet that are both beautiful and functional.  Had they been girls they probably could have closed said doors calmly.  Disclaimer- I’m a mother of 2 boys AND 2 girls so I feel God likes to test me in the ways of boy world and girl world.

It’s not the cutest to have open closets, of course.  Luckily my boys had more in drawers than on hangers so usually I put the dresser in the closet on one side and hanging items on the other.  It worked for us.

It also seemed like a fun space that could make a nice cozy reading area or desk area.  Pinterest had alllllll kinds of inspirational ideas for converting a closet. I was sold.

So, one day I stripped the closet and decided to make it a desk nook.   A certain someone could use a little organization and inspiration so I was going to provide that!


Bingo. One day while he was at school I created a magical study area.

  1. Paced desk, closet and chair inside. Pushed hanging clothes out of sight to one side.
  2. Picked up festive string lights at Home Depot.
  3. Painted a section of the wall with chalkboard paint and outlined it with burlap and tacks.  I already had these items on hand from other projects but you can get both at Walmart or any craft store.
  4. Tossed items lesser used in cute store bins on the shelf that I picked up at Walmart.  (Still have those bins repurposed in another closet in another house).

As they say you can lead a horse to water but……………… This was not the beginning of new academic habits.  All I see happening on that chalkboard is some lyrics to a Bruno Mars song “I’m to hot hot damn”.  Wrong “TO” but DAMN is spelled correctly. Sigh.

His love of clothes grew not his love of knowledge. Hence, in time I removed all of it and put the closet doors back on- but converted them to shiplapped french doors.

That’s another blog that you can read if you need something to do.  LOVED the bifolds shiplapped and converted into french doors.  They looked better and never fell off the tracks.  That was a closet win.

Anyway, for what it’s worth you can create lovely study areas in closets but I wish you better luck getting your little cherub to use it 😉

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