I wanted to share a decorating tip today that may be complete common sense to you or may be something you may not have been aware of. A room can be completely furnished but feels as if it is missing something. It’s missing textures and visual weight. How we perceive a room is effected by our senses.

Look at this image.

It’s one of Joanna’s lovely living areas on Pinterest. Yes, it is beautiful. But what makes it beautiful, appealing and comfortable?

Texture brings the room to life and makes it complete. It’s about how the room FEELS. Consider not only what you can tangibly feel but also textures that register visually.

Architecturally speaking this room has crown molding and a hardwood floor. They’ve anchored the seating area with a soft rug bringing in some warmth. Furnishing wise the seating on the couch is fabric whereas the chair is leather. On the leather they’ve added textiles such a soft throw blanket and textured pillow. Look at the decorative objects which are mainly natural items. There are branches, plants and a wreath. These all add visual interest to the room and make it feel more complete.

I took a stroll around the house to share a few more examples of how to bring in texture. Texture is really important to me in our home and I’m always trying to add it. While this bed is all tone on tone grays and whites it has many textures- a terry cloth body pillow, soft cotton pillow cases, matelasse shams, a furry pillow, tightly woven pillow, a boxy down comforter, a matelasse coverlet and cozy throw in a geometric pattern. All of the textures makes it feel inviting and like you want to go back to bed!

This is a little seating area in our home. Wood light fixture, wood table, velvet chairs with a soft wavy throw on one and a puckered white pillow on the other. There’s a furry white stool in the foreground adding softness to the hardness of the wood table. On the table top there’s wood tiered trays with plants of varied textures, pine cones and small slivers of wood. All add texture and bring nature inside.

I love adding architectural pieces so here’s an ornately carved wood door from Japan softened up with a coffee filter wreath. I spy another galvanized tub (missed this one yesterday) the hard metal is contrasted with soft blankets.

This is a good example of added texture. Iron candelabra and a soft cushy couch meets flanked by hard wood furniture. On the wall mixed wicker baskets are hung to add varied weaves and textures. The lamp has a burlap shade adding a different rough woven feel. Unseen is a rustic wood bowl of shells and plants with different leaf shapes, colors and textures (again natural objects).

I love a cozy throw blanket! Who doesn’t? When you decide to replace or add yet another blanket consider it’s pattern or texture within the pattern. All of these are really soft but they are very different. One feels furry. Another one is fluffy and fringy. One feels like a chinchilla yet others have a flat weave or pattern. The baskets holding them have different weaves lending more texture and pattern.

A wood salvage piece with a cork wreath adds some visual weight and texture.

A hard metal track and sliding wood door is softened by a cotton wreath.

A metal orb, wood beam and wood table are softened by a large glass vessel of mixed flower shapes, sizes and color.

Here’s a wood and metal end table, spikey plant, soft throw pillows with different weaves, and a mix of textured woods in the corner. I’m forever rearranging my decor and mixing up textures to keep our house feeling fresh.

An area in our entry has a peeling wood secretary, metal handles, metal wine barrel bands on the wall. The thick rope ball adds weight while the tall curly willow branches add height and an airy feel.

Take a sensory stroll around your home sometime and see how it feels. If it’s falling a little flat here are the 2 easiest ways to breath new life into your space:

1. Need texture? Bring in some nature- plants, flowers, branches, pine cones, shells….

2. Need softness? Time for textiles such as throw blankets and pillows with various textures.

Enjoy layering your home in all the feels!

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