I love, love, love galvanized metal tubs!  Whether you buy antique or new they can be used in so many ways and are virtually indestructible.  I spring for the chance to use open storage and this is the kind that you can repurpose over and over and it will last forever!  Worth every cent.


I used 3 tubs in the laundry room.   Created a stand with one and then have another holding laundry detergent, softener, bleach and dryer sheets.  I also have a huge antique “wash tub” that I bought at Fancy Flea in Plant City.  I cut a hole in the bottom center which you can’t see and it doesn’t affect it for the 11 months of the year it holds cleaning supplies.


During December I flip it upside down and place the artificial tree stand under it and the tree base goes through it!  Fun, right?  Love to multi purpose and use what we have to the fullest.


These make great beverage tubs.  I painted a batch up with a happy hour theme one year using acrylics, paint pens and then stay polyurethane to seal.  The tubs are water tight so fill with ice and your favorite beverage!

I also painted several using chalk paint on the entire exterior of the tub and then created a monogram on one side and a southern magnolia bloom on the opposite.  Figured they could use it for all kinds of occasions or as storage!  I gave these as a Christmas gift and then filled the tub with gifts.  You can trace around a paper plate (or make a larger circle tracing onto paper then cutting out to trace onto the tub) for a circular shape then stencil or free hand in the letter/letters and seal with poly.  I have also painted them class teacher gifts and for school auctions.  They are great to use to hold the gifts or auction goods instead of a basket since the tub will last forever.  I couldn’t locate a picture as didn’t know one day I’d be blogging about them.  Sigh.


When we built an additional bedroom in Florida I had a simple window seat added.  I wanted to maximize the space under the seat vs having it enclosed or unaccessible.  I found that 3 huge tubs fit perfectly and our daughter used them for shoes, purses, scarves etc.  (I’ll be writing about the addition soon- best choice we made in that house and helped sell it!)


IMG_4023 (1)

Long live the galvanized tubs.  Years later and in a new house here they are going strong.  They are stuffed full of footwear and easy to access.


In the kids bath I filled a vintage tub with rolled towels for a quick grab on the way down the hall to the shower.


I even use them on the garage shelves!  This one has a chalk label and contains dog leashes, brushes, bandanas etc.


This idea was on Pinterest and I always wanted to create a hanging light from a galvanized tub SOMEWHERE but never have.  Isn’t this amazing?  Someday I will have one suspended.  If you search on Pinterest you will see even MORE ideas.

Galvanized tubs are popular now with the whole farmhouse phenomenon but they have been around long before and will remain effective storage for ever more!

So, now that you have a ton of ideas where can you get them?  Antique stores and flea markets for the vintage versions and virtually any hardware store for new.  Lowes, Home Deport, Tractor Supply, Ace, True Value …..you name it they should have some shape or style.

Are you hooked yet?

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