DIY Watermelon Carving

Summer is right around the corner and the watermelons are readily available.

I know you’ve carved a pumpkin but have you ever carved a watermelon? It’s so fun and festive for a picnic, potluck or any gathering.

I found an oval shaped melon that rested on one end steadily and decided to make a frog out of it. I cut straight down and stopped halfway then cut in removing 1/4 of the top half of the melon. Does that make sense!? I scooped out allllll of the watermelon with a melon baller then filled it. I used the rind scraps to create 2 eyes and 2 webbed feet. I attached them with toothpicks. I used short pins to attach buttons on the eyes for lack of a suitable food item like an olive. Is he cute?

I’ve made so many turtles that I was able to make this guy in a hotel with limited tools for a soccer event. You find a nice oval shaped melon and cut it in half horizontally. I usually take an extra horizontal slice off the whole thing that’s about 2″ thick. Use the rind scraps to create a head and 4 feet and attach with toothpicks. You can use a melon baller or cube all of the melon and fill the belly. Take the top of the shell and you can sort of engrave the pattern of a shell using the tip of a carrot peeler. You can scrape the design in using the edge of a fork tine, knife, corkscrew or even scissors. The rind where scraped will be a slightly different color like when you use a fork on cucumber skin. Peppercorns are great for little beady eyes. Pretty sure this hotel version has sharpie eyes!

A watermelon basket is quite easy. Find an oval shapes that rests steadily on the base. Identify about 2″ on the center for the basket handle- you can draw with chalk or sketch it by scoring the rind with a knife. Cut down left of center halfway then cut across halfway horizontally at the middle. You are removing almost 1/4 of the left side. Repeat on the right. Scoop or cube melon. You can mix in other fruits to make it more colorful.

I’ve done a shark, pig, rabbit and porcupine too but couldn’t find photos to share.

Either choose the watermelon shape best suiting the animal or item you wish to carve


let the melon speak to you!!!

Next time you need to bring something to an event try carving a watermelon!

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the water melon, but I received my check book cover today, and thank you , I love it, and more than the check book, it’s wonderful for my sun glasses! It isn’t,t bulky like a hard one, and the soft one I have is useless, my glasses fall out,this one is pure magic! I love, love it!

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    I’m so glad you like your checkbook cover and how create to put your sunglasses in it! I may have to try that ❤️

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