DIY Wood Orb Decorations

I love orbs of all shapes and sizes. Orbs are open and airy decorations that fill a space without looking clunky or cluttered plus the geometric shape is pleasing to the eye.

You can make your own with 3 embroidery hoops and a dab of hot glue!

Joann’s sells them in all shapes and sizes. Amazon too! Any size works – you just need 3 of them. Separate them for a total of 6 hoops to play with per orb.

Take 2 and fit them together to form an X. Take the next 2 and evenly space them across the first two. Wrap the last 2 around the sphere- you can loosen/adjust the embroidery hoop screw to fit. There’s no right or wrong- play around until the shape makes you happy.

If you add a dab of hot glue at the bases it helps secure them. I have 2 boys and my orbs have been airborne, tossed around and stayed together!

Our orbs lived many places in the Florida house and now I have them staged on top of our kitchen cabinets in Virginia. They even held together in the move!

This is a super easy DIY project and I love the results. Give it a try!

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