Yesterday I had a flash back to the Hale Koa hotel in Waikiki right in the middle of the TJ Maxx. The hotel had a coconut salt scrub in the bathrooms that felt so luxurious and special. We were lucky enough to stay there a few times when we lived on the West Coast and Japan. With our biggest girl in college on the island Hawaii is on my mind.

Spotted this coconut scrub on clearance and it reminded me of the concoction I made for many moons after we returned from Hawaii.

I mixed some of the store bought (cheater) scrub with coconut oil and sat it in a shell dish next to the sink. 24 hours later and I’m actually going to transfer it into a Mason jar with a spoon because I caught the Danes licking it😜. When your dogs are tall enough to reach the sink I guess it’s just too tempting.


Ahhhh. Washing hands with the scrub is fun, fragrant and leaves your hands so soft! Now that warmer weather is here you may enjoy trying some tropical scrub.

This recipe can be adapted scent wise based on the oil you use. Sadly coconut oil doesn’t really smell coconutty so you need to add scented oil. There are other variations using sugar vs salt out there too. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started.

Have fun with it!

Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe

This makes 3 cups of coconut salt scrub which you can store in tupperware or share with a friend!


β€’ 2 Cups Coconut Oil

β€’ 1 Cup Epsom salts

β€’ 8-10 Drops Essential Oils (we’ve also used extracts)


1 Mix everything together.

2 Place in an air tight container until ready to use.

3. Scoop some into a bowl or mason jar with a spoon and place by the sink.

4: Enjoy!!!

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