DIY Chalk Painted Furniture

We purchased these 4 rockers from Lowe’s 11 years ago and they are still going strong! Originally they were black but they had a midlife crisis and I painted them with chalk paint in this happy spring green color.

They looked decent from the back but not so much from the front.  Upon closer inspection they’ve been a little neglected.

This is post-move, post-winter, post their prime!

I wanted to repaint them with chalk paint.  I’ve used CeCe Caldwell, American Paint Company and Annie Sloan chalk paints in the past but am new ’round here and haven’t seen any of the above for sale.  I knew Black Dog Salvage had a line of paint so I headed over to the store.  This doesn’t say it is chalk paint but rather “furniture paint”.  I deduct it is chalk like principals by the matte finish and the fact that it needed a sealer. I honestly can’t read paint labels anymore.  The writing is too small but I don’t wear glasses just yet.  I’m in that middle stage where I try to hold everything far away.  Lol.

Back to the topic of paint though. I really struggled with the color. I chose Roanoke Rain which they describe as  “conveys as a tranquil, soothing, dusty blue. Think robin’s egg, sea glass, and the sound of rain on a tin roof”.  Perfect!  Just what I needed.

Here are their other color choices //

Let me share with you that I do have a paint sprayer and could have chose to spray all 4 rockers with a latex.  The sprayer honestly stresses me out.  I have to drape plastic and tarps all over the workroom.  I read and reread the manual, watch you tube videos, pray and spray.  But then there’s the clean up…and I dread cleaning the sprayer.

I chose to use chalk paint and a brush. Dropping a cloth and painting al fresco sounded much better to me than painting with a respirator in a scene from Dexter!!!! I sanded some rough chipped wood and smoothed a few blemishes like paint build up from prior paint jobs. I felt like I was being watched…. and of course I was. See the Danes peeking over the gate?

It’s so easy to use!


1. Inspect the piece for any dirt or grime and wipe it down so it’s clean. I did some light sanding where I may have been sloppy with my prior paint job, smoothed small wood chips etc Sanding isn’t necessary.

2. Open your can of paint and stir it well.

3. Brush, brush, brush. It dries lightning fast so by the time you finish the first coat you can touch up and be done!

It’s started to sprinkle so I pulled it inside to dry. Isn’t this color amazing!?

Completed and back in it’s spot within a few hours.

What next? All chalk lines sell their own sealer or wax. You can always use a non-yellowing polycyclic as well.  Just brush on a quick coat and you are done.

You can also leave it “as is” for an outside piece and kind of let it patina which is what I had done with the green paint. The rockers lived under a mostly covered roof in Florida but here they are always exposed so I will do a quick coat of poly.  I’d recommend sealing your project for longevity.

So there you go! There a sooooo many brands to chose from.  I wanted to try the Black Dog Salvage brand since its local to me and I love to support local.  I really love the product.  If you want to try it I see you can order online from them at or via Amazon!

Any questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. elimckhig

    I LOVE how this color looks in your pictures and the description is perfect. I ordered some on Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thinking of doing a coffee table for our beach house. Possibly white legs with Roanoke Rain on top? Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    Thank you. I’m thrilled with the chairs- they look fresh and brand new again. The Danes are always watching or in the mix. Gus (the black one) was laying on my drop cloth the whole time I painted one of them!

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