DIY Jewelry Organizer

Sharing a really simple DIY jewelry organizer that my daughter found on Pinterest and we made it for her bedroom.


All you need is:

  1. old picture frame (s)
  2. chicken wire
  3. a staple gun
  4. 1-2 sawtooth picture hangers per frame
  5. small “S” hooks to hang jewelry

I had already had some wood picture frames that I had kept for no reason after the glass had broken in a move.  You may have some hanging around or could go to a yard sale, Good Will or another thrift store to pick some up.

I picked up the smallest roll of chicken wire available at Lowes as well as a pack of small “S” hooks and a pack of sawtooth picture hangers.

My daughter painted the frames and then we cut the chicken wire to fit behind the frame.  Using a staple gun we secured the chicken wire.  We found the center of the frame to attach a sawtooth hanger but *I’d recommend using 2 sawtooth hangers with one on each side for better stability*.

Hang your frame and attach “S” hooks for your bracelets or necklaces.


I recycled this project and later used the frames with mini clothespins to hold notes and photos.

It doesn’t get much easier than this if you need some organization!  🙂

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