We had this window halfway up the stairway in our Florida house.  I added some shiplap and portraits of the kids to give it a little somethin’ somethin’.  Over the years it had mini blinds that made it too dark so I removed them but as you can see with nothing on the window it was super bright!

It was really high and not something I could easily open or close.  I opted to create a stationary faux roman shade and you won’t believe how easy it was!  All I needed was 36″ of fabric and 3 tension rods.  36″ was the length of my window top to bottom.  I already had fabric so just needed some cheap skinny tension rods from the curtain area at Walmart that would expand to the width of the window.


Take the 36 inches of fabric and lay it out flat lengthwise.  Measure your window side to side. Roll/fold the sides and pin so that the width of the fabric will match the width of the window.  Tuck the ends just to create a finished edge.  Sew it all the way around.  If you don’t have a sewing machine you can use stitch witchery and iron a hem.  Iron if needed.

At the top and bottom of the fabric piece create a tube by folding it over towards the back about 2″, pin and hem.  You’ve created 2 pockets for the rod to slide through.  Now you can go ahead and secure it at the top of the window and the bottom.  Take the 3rd rod and place it in front of the fabric half way between the other 2 then simply blouse the fabric over the rod.  That’s seriously it.

You could add a 4th rod if you wanted 3 pleats.  You could also sew a lining to the back when hemming if you wanted it to be light blocking.  Fancy it up or go for the quick and easy.

This ended up giving us a little filtered light and some pattern.  Super easy, fast and inexpensive!

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