DIY Pretty Paper Pantry

Try saying that three times fast!!! My pantry was looking a little blah and I decided to add some pizzazz to the back walls. Considered painting, stenciling or peel and stick papers. Yesterday I was at Joann’s and saw some craft paper and a lightbulb went off!!!

Lots of varieties and options. Wide and narrow packaging. This 10″x120″ Black stripe roll was on sale for $1.80 each and I got 20% off with a coupon. Basically free.

I bought all 3 rolls of a black and white stripe. This was a spontaneous decision and I had no idea how many packs I needed. Apparently I need a few more so I’ll keep looking when I go back. They are sold out online and in the store at the moment.

I tried tape and it didn’t stick to the textured walls. I tried thumbtacks and they wouldn’t work either. Broke out the glue gun and that was the magic. Need at least one more roll for the last shelf I can actually reach-anything above that I need a ladder.

Looking for a super simple update? Try some pretty paper😊

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  1. Jen Herbert

    Love this! I’m going to try in my new house.
    Thanks again for your inspiration! 😍

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