DIY Pantry Organization

Earlier I wrote about the pretty paper that I added to our pantry for a fun update. A few of y’all had questions about HOW it’s organized so I thought I’d circle back to that.

Disclaimer- I love everything organized and feel much calmer when I see things neat and orderly. I’m a Type A gal who birthed 4 children so I’ve had to adapt. A lot. And let go. A lot. And I have to reorganize. A lot. But it’s totally worth it to me to keep pulling it back together because I need the order in my life!

A super easy way to organize your pantry is to get some baskets or bins to store like items in them. I picked up 4 of these wicker baskets at a consignment store really inexpensively. You could spend a lot or a little. Basically choose a few of the same storage bins (even numbers are ideal for symmetry) and mix it up with another style of storage keeps it looking cohesive, orderly and uncluttered. You can use all of the same but I like to mix it up a bit. Whatever floats your boat!

Labels are great to help family members stop themselves when they start “Mom, where’s the _________?”. Read the label, people.

Here are my other 2 thrifted baskets filled with like items. I put one above the other on each side of the pantry which visually balances out. Ahhhhh.

I had 4 of these canvas baskets from Walmart and I like them because you can slide in a label. They are getting old – I’ve used them for many years. I sprung for 2 new ones today when I saw they still carry them and moved the older 2 up high to hold lunchboxes. Eventually I’ll replace the remaining 2 that are old and repurpose them. I just slipped the old label into the new basket. I think they are about $5 each.

I like to take waters and sodas out of the containers and stack them on the shelf. It gets rid of clutter on the floor and I can easily see when drinks are getting low. I’m a Diet Coke girl…those are mine♥️

I have a clear glass jar for candy/gum/treats. A clear plastic container for clothespins that we use the close bags and a clearance wire basket for $2.50 (today at Walmart) holding packets of mixes for tacos, stir fry etc. Mixing up a few shapes and styles that are clear works and meet different needs.

I put a tray under the canned goods, honey, strips, dressings to make it easy to wipe down if needed.

I have a popcorn bucket filled with the kernels. Makes sense, right? Basket next to it is all paper products -trash bags, baggies, napkins etc. Like items live together.

I have breakfast items like cereals, pancake mixes etc just grouped together on the shelf above.

Think like you are in a grocery aisle and group items accordingly. Baskets make it look less cluttered and fools the eye….even though it’s all the same stuff.

If you have a small pantry but shop at Costco you could always bring in a portion and store the motherload out of site then restock. Just an idea. Trust me I’ve tried it all🤣

My snazzy striped paper really makes me happy and it was an hour of time and about $5.

I hope this inspires you and makes organizing your pantry easier. Keeping it orderly is a whole other battle. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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