DIY Mason Jar Organizers

I love Mason jars for EVERYTHING.  You can buy them inexpensively by the case in all sizes in the canning area in Walmart, Target, hardware stores and even your grocery store. We use them for drinking glasses, vases, toothbrush/toothpaste, pens/pencils, craft supplies, cotton balls, q-tips….. and on and on and on!!!!  I also love, love, love the blue jars and collect vintage jars from antique stores.



  1. mason jars
  2. one hose clamp per jar
  3. pallet wood or scrap wood
  4. one wood screw per clamp (the bands I used had a hole in them.  You can make one or widen one if needed with a metal drill bit)
  5. sawtooth hanger or picture hanging kit


You can find the hose clamps from the hardware store in the plumbing section to hang the jars vs using them as countertop storage.



  1. I made sure the hose clamps fit my jars then loosened them up.
  2. I took a ruler and evenly spaced my 3 jars on the piece of wood marking it with a pencil.
  3. Make sure to attach your saw tooth or picture hanger to the back prior to attaching the jars.
  4. My clamps had a small hole in the band.  I used a wood screw to attach the band to the wood then placed the jar in the clamp and tightened it.
  5. Hang and enjoy!

Love Mason jars so much we even named one of our boy’s Mason.  Just teasing- it’s a strong name that I’ve always loved and we didn’t name him after a jar. lol.  I do get a giggle out of presenting teacher gifts in Mason jars and especially when gifting from him.  I crack myself up at times!

Now that you have a million ideas for Mason jar storage try going a new direction such as vertical or horizontal 🙂

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