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Sharing these X base desks that I made for our home in VA.  One of my first priorities after we moved in was was to buy (or create) a pair of desks for the empty space formerly used as a formal sitting area. My husband works from home a few days a week so we needed to set up an office space STAT.

He required a large supportive work surface to hold computer monitors and such.  I liked the idea of 2 large identical desks- one from him and one for me- to balance out the space.  Due to windows and door openings they would be designed to rest side by side on a 15 foot wall.

I started pricing desks and quickly found it would be expensive to purchase what I wanted and then double it. Sigh.  I did a little research and decided to build my own for a fraction of the cost.

**** I have NEVER built a piece of furniture like this before but Pinterest and the internet led me to believe I could.  I found a few desk tutorials matching the style I wanted and adapted them to the height and length that we needed.  I didn’t follow any one of tutorial exactly but did use it for a step by step process.

Check out for some building specs and details if interested in building a desk of your own.  When I built our desks I had no idea I would be a blogger in the near future and didn’t write out the supply list or details.


How cool are these legs?  I just love the design.  They are made with pine 2×4’s and 2×2’s secured with wood screws.  I used my miter saw for angled cuts and built them in the garage assembly line style


I brought all of the bases inside to screw to the table top indoors.  Figured it would be really heavy and tough to carry inside otherwise.  I’m typically solo on projects and hate waiting for help so sometimes I go about things in an unorthodox way.  I screwed them to the top in our living room then pushed them into the office before sitting them upright.


Here you can see the base attached to the table top. I ended up adding an extra board to the top and bottom of each base before screwing it to the table top to make the desks a little higher.  The tops of the desks are 2×10 planks and I used a gray stain on the top.

After staining the top I bought a sealer from Amazon.  It formed a nice protective coat for the desk tops.  Zero odors and it goes a long way!  I have lots left for future projects.


The desks live side by side and have been great work surfaces.  I love the X base design and I think it gives the room a little style.  Found 2 matching desk lights at Target and made a pair of bulletin boards out of a homasote board.  Decided actually tacking up papers all willy nilly would look chaotic so I opted for 2 magnolia wreaths from Kirklands.


Around Christmas I tacked up some buffalo check wrapping paper for fun… and it’s still there.   Please ignore the cords – I need to rig them off to the sides.  And that sleeping dog? That’s her favorite place to be when we are in there!

The point of this long winded blog is to share that where there’s a will there’s a way.  I read a bunch of tutorials, sketched out my desired size, hit the lumber store, prayed and actually built a pair of desks.  They aren’t perfect by any means but they function perfectly and I saved us a ton of money but making our own.

I encourage you to give a DIY a try!!!!

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