Cheers to the weekend!!! Sharing some fun hand-painted wine and margarita glass projects I’ve done in the past.  These are for all skill levels and make great gifts.

The floral glasses above were done using a reverse painting process.  This is a little tricky, more advanced but a cool brain game.  Look at the red poppy in the lower left.  The first brush strokes were the black which forms the center of the flower.  Your pistil, stamen, filament details get painted first- not last.  Once dried you paint over the black in this case with the shades of red to create the petals.  Once completed from the outside of the glass you won’t see the black at all- only when looking into an empty glass. All you see on the outside of the glass are flower petals and a green painted flower stem.  Bottoms up to appreciate!


These animal print glasses are done in reverse painting as well.  The black zebra stripes were painted onto the bottom of the glass first.  Once dry a few coats of white and you have zebra!  I loved these and they are pretty easy to do.  For sure less difficult than the flowers.  You could practice your geometric shapes on paper first then paint a thin line and widen it into the desired stripe for tiger and zebra.  For the giraffe you do the colored spot first.  For the leopard I did a sketchy shape in black first then colored in once dry.  Last color/coat is your overall animal skin color.


Here is a set of margarita glasses I did for a fiesta themed auction basket for a school.  Couple of fun stripes separated by tiny dots and a CHALKBOARD base.  Paint from above and below to eliminate streaks.  Boom!!! Festive and you can write fun sayings (or your name).  Basically- never loose your ‘rita again.


Another chalkboard base with simple green and black striped stems.  These were for another action another year.  Really easy to do, no artistic skills needed and more fun than out-of-the-box glasses.  Personalize a set for gifts, auctions, happy hour, showers- any occasion!

I bought PLAID brand paint for glass which is available at Joann, Michaels, Walmart, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby.  Inexpensive.  Squirt on a paper plate and experiment with various sized paint brushes.

There’s a fantastic tutorial on how to prepare glass at https://plaidonline.com/articles/painting-glassware-101

To cure your glassware you have 2 options.

  1. Air dry for 21 days
  2.  Baked the project after allowing it to air dry for 1 hour.  Place in cool oven then set the temperature to 350 degrees F.  Hit a timer and bake for 30 minutes.  Let cool in the oven.

I baked my glassware- too impatient to wait 21 days!!!!!

Can you believe I don’t own a single example of my works? It’s time to change that.  I’m into stemless these days but can easily create a flower or animal print on the bottom quarter.

This can be done on glasses you already own if you want to practice on your own glassware.  Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and go to town.

CHEERS y’all 🙂



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