DIY Black Interior Doors


Have you seen black interior door trend on Pinterest and blogs? It’s been around for years and still running strong.  I’ve been painting our interior doors black for quite some time.  Prior to staging for sale I did paint our doors white again- just wanted to make sure the house would appeal to the masses and wasn’t taking many chances on limiting potential buyers over a design risk.  Personally, I think black doors are brilliant for a several reasons and have started working on painting my doors black in my new home.


First of all a black door looks sharp against crisp white trim.  Don’t you agree?  Love the contrast.  It bring style to an ordinary door.


Another perk is that it HIDES dirt.   Wipe down with a lysol wipe or mild cleaner as needed but rest assured your days of scrubbing with a Mr Clean like a mad woman all the time are over.  Higher gloss paints hold up beautifully to scrubbing and you may want to consider that for a high traffic area.  I’ve used Sherwin Williams ProClassic Latex Acrylic for doors and trim that held up beautifully.


I must share *a word of caution*.  My current front door has windows with some side light and white molding between the painted black portions of the doorway.  At night a black door can appear very dark and fools the eye into thinking it’s actually open.  To help us out in our former house I stenciled the house number on the door with a gold paint.  If you could see the house numbers the door was closed 😉

Painting tip- use a 2″ angled brush to paint all of the insets 2x.  Use a small 4″ roller to finish it off.  Smooth any drips or bumps with the brush before it dries and step back to admire your work.

Have I convinced you to think about dipping a brush in some black paint yet???

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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    I used Sherwin Williams proclassic acrylic latex as well as Rustoleum Chalked (with matte sealer). Just depends what finish you want!

  2. This is another trend I have been really wanting to try. It gives such a rich look. How many coats per door? I got a quote from a painter…$450! No way….We are going to do it ourselves for sure! When you changed all of your doors back to white, I was super impressed.

  3. Desperate Craft Wife

    I paint the inset first then roll the door. Prob just 2 coats will do it. I loved them black but when I prepped to sell I did a white out just in case it didn’t appeal to a buyer.

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