DIY Utility Sink Skirt


Do you have a utility sink? A utility tub? Whatever you call it if it isn’t sunk into a cabinet it isn’t all that cute.  I loved my sink for soaking sports uniforms and washing out my paint brushes.  I didn’t love that it looked so utilitarian and anything I stored under it looked junky.

It only took me an hour to whip up one of these darling sink skirts that was attached using velcro.  Not only did it dress up the sink it gave me hidden storage 🙂


Here’s what you need:

  1. Fabric LENGTH measure the height floor up to the bottom edge of the tub plus 2 inches for the bottom and top hem. WIDTH measure the front side and triple the width. Cut to fit.
  2. measuring tape
  3. scissors
  4. sticky back velcro- enough to wrap around the width of the tub
  5. thread, pins, sewing machine OR stitch witchery to iron hems

How to assemble:

  1. Hem the top edge, bottom and 2 sides.
  2. If you want pleats you can make a small tuck every 1″
  3. Attach the smooth strip of velcro to the top and stitch across the top a second time adding more security to the velcro and attaching the pleat. You could make the pleats further apart or skip pleats all together!  If using stitch witchery you don’t have to sew- just follow the instructions on the sticky velcro.
  4. Attach the loop edged velcro directly to the utility tub.
  5. Hang skirt! Enjoy your cutie little sink.


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