DIY State Outline Art


As a former military family of 20 years we had our share of moving around the globe.  We actually lived in Florida 2 times in 2 towns as well as twice in California in 2 towns. Fun fact- in our 3 years in Japan we lived in 2 addresses due to renovations!

I wanted a tribute to represent our many residences and what better than some state outline art?  Wait- even better- these were FREE.  I used scrap shiplap wood, a printer, scissors, notebook paper, stain, white paint and saw tooth hangers.


So, how did I make the state outline art?

  1. I *thought* I printed off the outline of each state but looking at this pic it looks like I may have free handed them all on the same size of paper. Either way works!!!
  2.  Cut around the outline.
  3. Trace the state outline onto a pre-stained piece of wood or a canvas.
  4. Fill in the outline with white paint and repeat a second coat.  Boom!!!! You have instant art.
  5. Hammer in a sawtooth hanger centered on the back.
  6. Find a place to hang your states and enjoy!


Typical me being me they lived in more than one location in Florida.


Currently my state outlines live in the basement.  They are likely to move around the house like we moved around the world.  I thought I fully represented our moves and then we moved again.  I need to add a Virginia!

You can make these any size- you could even use a pallet and one huge state outline for impact.  Have fun with it and be creative 🙂

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