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Homa- what??? Have you ever heard of homasote? If you haven’t you are going to want some!  It is a soundproof fiberboard made of recycled paper which I used as an extra large bulletin boards in 3 of the kid’s rooms.  It’s HUGE at 4 feet by 8 feet and about $25 each. That is a deal for a wall sized corkboard.  I looked at then ordered from a lumberyard in Lakeland, FL.

How to hang a monster bulletin board?  It’s not hard!  You need 4 wall anchors, 4 screws that fit the anchor and 4 wide washers (so the screw doesn’t sink into the homasote).  Measure 4 inches in and 4 inches down and mark the spot with a pencil then pre-drill a hole. You will need helpers and a level to hold the sheet up on the wall long enough to decide how high or low you want it and if it is level.  Quick- make a pencil mark in the 4 holes then rest it on the floor.  Mount the wall anchors, thread your screws through the washers and through the predrilled hole then enlist your trusty helpers again.  Screw in the top 2 first, free the people and screw in the bottom 2.  Voila!!!!

You too can avoid 10,000 tacs in the kid’s walls from pictures, artwork etc!!!  It can be painted over with any color of latex anytime and even stenciled for some fun designs.


I found drywall framing strips in the lumber section in Lowes to frame the edge.  There are white plastic strips (seen below) that you can trim with scissors or metal strips that require a saw (as seen above). Plastic is way easier and thNo automatic alt text available.e way to go- but it’s fine to skip a frame too!  That was just to add a finished edge.

My son covered his in art work whereas my teen girls tacked up photos, drawings and reminders.




Where did the 3 go in the move? One remained in a bedroom.  One shown above was given away.  One came with us…. and I sawed it in half for a matching pair of bulletin boards in our office. I created rustic frames to fit around them and added some magnolia wreaths from Kirklands.  Built matching X detail desks to custom fit the long wall as well- but that’s another post.

If you have kids who like to display their creations or if you could use an XL tack board get yourself a sheet of HOMASOTE!!!!!!



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