DIY Shadowbox Keepsakes


One of my favorite all time projects and wall décor is these shadowboxes.

I am a sentimental girl and these make me smile every day.  I made one for each of my four children.  I used tiny pins to attach my favorite outfit from 6 months to a year. I also added their first shoes and special little items like monogrammed hair brushes, engraved rattles, pacifiers and even a hat crocheted by a sibling.


I bought 4 of the same shadow boxes from Exposures catalog to make sure they wouldn’t sell out and all would match. They have been worth every penny.  Each has a nice chunky black frame with a hinged door on the front that has a secure magnetic closure.  The box is deep and has a velvet background.

You could fill a shadowbox with memorabilia from sports, graduation, wedding, babies, military, vacations and it goes on and on!

I checked Exposures and see them mentioned on their site as “Bare Essential Shadowboxes” but can’t find them currently for sale.  Michaels, Joann’s, AC Moore and Amazon have similar items if you decided to display your memorabilia.

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