Outdoor Privacy Wall Idea

Do you have a boring open outdoor space? Awkward porch area without architectural interest?  Do you have neighbors close by?  asian screenWe had all of the above on our Florida lanai.  2 sides were open to the yard and it was rather boring and undefined. I did not want to screen in the area- I felt it was too small and the screen would make it feel like a cage!

We decided a privacy wall would inject some personality to the lanai.  We had been living in Japan for the 3 years prior to our move to FL and thought this geometric design reflected on some fretwork on our Asian furniture.

While I love to DIY there are times to hire out.  It happened for a few projects during our 10 years in that house but if I thought it was something I could handle I tried it.  This was not one of those cases. lol.

Lucky for us we found an outdoor company to custom build this wall as well as a pergola creating our little oasis.  My husband found this stained glass piece downtown Tampa and the wall was built around it.  We didn’t feel enclosed or cooped up in the space and I loved the dramatic black design.

If you have a porch or lanai lacking interest consider an open wall design!

asian inspired wall and herringbone pavers

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