Looking back a lot has changed since we moved in back in August- especially in the mudroom. The dryer was dropped on the tile so the cracked tile needed replaced. I turned an accident into my good fortune.  I most definitely did NOT want white tile and white grout again.  We feed the Danes in there plus it is the entry point from the garage.


tile for mudroomEncaustic tiles caught my eye but not the price tag.  Encaustic tiles are typically pricey but I found a black and white tile at Home Depot that looks like pricier Encaustic tile that I absolutely love.  I decided on the darkest possible grout in a charcoal to avoid dirty grout lines.  It was a risky move and they thought I was crazy but guess what? It’s liberating and looks gorgeous.


tile in progressHome Depot installed it for us and it looks amazing. I was so excited I pretty much camped out and watched my beautiful floor come to life. A pattern like this works great in a small space and I’m very pleased with the choice here.




black and white mudroomOnce the tile was complete I used the Rust-oleum Chalked paint line in Charcoal to paint the oak cabinets.  I decided to use black Chalkboard paint on the built in ironing board against the back wall and we use it as our weekly calendar. Works great since it is the first and last thing you see leaving the house.


Later I added a big sliding barn door across the doorway and will share more about that in another post.  The barn door is always open because I adore my tile.  Who knew a little entry space could bring so much joy?

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