DIY Puck Light Hack

puck light hackDo you have an area that need a light but isn’t prewired for a fixed mount light? Having trouble finding the style you want with cords for the flexibility of the light placement?  Does the thought of cords dangling down give you the heebie jeebies? Does the idea of dimming the light or turning it on and off without leaving your bed sound dreamy? Well, get ready for a life changer!

gooseneck lightI was looking for a farmhouse style gooseneck light for above the headboard in my son’s room.  Originally I intended to mount a light fixture with a plug to the headboard after cutting a hole behind the mount to drop the cord behind the headboard for no show cords. Got all that?

Found this galvanized fixed mount light at Lowes and it was just the right size and scale for the headboard.  I centered the light on the headboard, traced the holes, drilled and mounted the light.


puck lightsA spectacular follower on my facebook page over at told me about the puck light hack.  Basically you can use puck lights in place of lightbulbs thus no longer needing to worry about the electrical details.  Puck lights are available with a dimming feature, a remote and you can use rechargeable batteries! I bought a pack on Amazon as seen here.

I took the puck light apart and looped a long piece of wire through the holes in the back of the puck light and twisted it once.  Next I took the open ends of the wire and reached up to twist them a tight as I could as far back on the light socket piece to keep the puck firmly in place. You’ll be able to change batteries without ever messing with the wire again!  Simply screw the front of the puck on and you have a dimmable, remote controlled light without leaving the pillow!

DIY headboard


Commissioned link for the LED Puck lights

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