Have you heard of Tile Mates? If you misplace items like keys, your purse or other items you can put a tile on it and download the app. The app allows you to name each tile so you can track it’s location using Wi-Fi or by playing a chime.

My Roomba, Chip, frequently runs away and dies in expected places making him hard to find. I got tired of wasting time looking for him so I tied a tile to him. When I can’t find him I open the app, play the chime and he is found!

Another idea is to attach one to a dog collar for quick location. In fact, I need to tie one to our deaf dog’s collar because she is silent, sneaky and sleepy! We can’t call her but I could play the chime for fast location. Lol.

During a recent layover in Salt Lake City I was beside a man drinking his woes away. He told me his black carry-on bag was stolen which included his work laptop, original Social Security card and birth certificate. The airport security told him they advised putting a Tile in your carry-on bag so you can track it in the airport. (side note -I use a bright orange carry on so it stands out and doesn’t blend in with all the black bags)

So many possible uses for this amazing a little invention. I bought my Tiles on Amazon but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere. See photo below for an idea what they look like and pricing.

I love mine and thought it may save you some frustration and wasted time looking for lost items.  If you already have tiles in your life I would love to hear how you use yours!


Commissioned link for tiles

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