currogated metal laundry room

Need a really easy way to add a modern industrial vibe to your laundry room? We had a very plain, very small laundry area in the Florida house right off the kitchen that needed some pizazz.  As a mother of 4 there’s a whole lot of laundry at any given minute so making the laundry area visually pleasing made me happier about spending so much time in and out of there!

I picked up 2 sheets of corrugated metal and some tin snipping scissors at Lowes. for a visual click here /

Caution- the edges of these are very sharp! I measured the desired length which was just enough to extended behind the machines then drew a line across with sharpie.  Used the tin snippers to give the metal sheets a haircut.

To hang them I fit the first sheet into the upper left corner and hammered right through the metal sheet .  I took the second sheet and lined it up with the right corner.  Some of the metal ripples overlapped which is fine.  Just hammer right through to hang. Easily removable down the road if/when you change things up again.

I liked the added industrial feel it gave the laundry area.  I also added a vintage wash tub for cleaning supplies and an outdoor iron chandelier.  All set to wash, dry and fold!



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