DIY Faux Brick Wall

Have you ever wished for an aged, white washed brick wall SOMEWHERE in your home?  I really wanted to bring some old world brick to my home and decided on a large plain wall in our upstairs hall in our Florida house. We had a new construction home with ZERO architectural interest so I was forever trying to make it more interesting.

Lowes sells a faux brick hardboard in 4′ x 8′ sheets.  See

There are 3 options for mounting your new brick wall.  You can use screws into studs, use liquid nails or actual nails.  I opted for finishing nails because they are hard to see and if one wanted to remove the bricks they would only have to putty holes vs deal with damaged walls.

I needed 3 boards for this area.  2 were mounted vertically side by side and the 3rd I measured and trimmed with my jig saw to fill the upper 1/4 of the wall.  I also had to jig a small area of the lower boards for the outlet.  I will say these are large and awkward for one person to manage so you’ll want a helper or 2 to hold them as you nail into studs.

I bought a large tub of spackle and a few putty knives to hide the seams, glop it on for the German Schmear look.  This is the really fun part!  My husband generally doesn’t have any part of any project but this is one he enjoyed.

Lay down a drop cloth, dip that putty knife in the bucket and just smear it on in the seams between the faux bricks. Not every brick but just kinda glob it on in alternating sections.  Bring in the kids or husband if you can because it takes some time to give that plain, red brick some character. It’s LIBERATING, I tell you!  The more smeared “mortar” the better!

Give it an overnighter to dry then mix up a white wash. Any white paint you have around will do but make sure you have about half a can.  Find a large Tupperware or other container. Then I used a red solo cup (I fill you up, let’s have a party….lol) to fill full of paint then full of water, mixed and stirred.   This is a drippy and messy process.  Maybe double your drop cloth for this….we were planning to re-carpet after so I wasn’t stressed.

I started in the upper left corner and brushed it over each brick and swiped it in every groove of the mortar.  If you run out of your white wash concoction just mixed up another 50/50.  The end result is a white washed brick wall in your very own home!

This project was pre-blogging days and not the best play by play with photos.  I really loved this wall in our house.  The realtor seemed a little perplexed by it but I left it up when selling the house.  It went with all the other modifications I made in the house to add character.  I’m still looking for a place to add it in my Virginia home!





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