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We just wrapped up our first beach week in 2 years. We moved last summer which was certainly not as relaxing as a beach vacation!!!

Somehow we were SERIOUSLY lacking beach supplies. I guess our 10-years-in-Florida gear was old and I tossed it all when we moved north.

Here’s what I bought for our vacation and what I’d recommend~

I felt the Shibumi was pricey and wondered if it really worked. We were told we could not use them at the beach we went to but that was outdated information. I ordered one to beach address and am soooo glad I did.

Compact, lightweight and a breeze to set up. We easily fit 6 chairs under the shade comfortably. Highly recommend this shade option! My link for this is

We didn’t have any beach umbrellas!?! Found blue and white umbrellas and blue sand chairs hoping it would make our area easy to find. We had VERY windy weather all week which was perfect for a shibumi and harder with umbrellas. If there’s no wind your shibumi won’t sail so I’d say bring it all🤣

The umbrella came with a clever metal dowel attached to insert for torque when screwing them into the sand. Umbrella was 6.5 in diameter, tilts and 50+ UV protection and a carry bag. Link for the umbrella here

The chairs were your typical sand chair- super light weight with a carrying strap. I love sitting in the surf and we needed a few chairs. Link for a 2 pack of chairs here

I bought this huge lightweight beach blanket and we LOVED this. It’s also blue and white which ties into our theme.

9’x10’ is a generous size. Sand free and quick dry which is ideal. Pins for the 4 corners or you can fill the corners with sand. It all fits back into a tiny carry bag. Washed it all the sunscreen came right out. Excellent product!! My affiliate link for this

Simply Southern Large Tote is so useful! It’s made of easy to clean Croc-like material. It’s generous in size and very lightweight. I bought this knowing it would be an amazing tote that I could use beyond the beach. Think pool towels, beach towels, gardening supplies even groceries. We have it in blue and use it all the time!!!

Pick a color (any color ) when it comes to towels and buy lots is my motto. I have 12 of these in charcoal and white for our hot tub, pools or beach visits. Easy to know if any of ours are left behind and easy to identify. Link for these here

Need to get beach ready or update your stash? Hope this helps. Happy summer y’all!!!