We love our 2017 Jeep. It’s our 2nd Jeep and all time favorite car to drive. If you clicked on this tab you are probably a Jeeper too!!! Sharing a few items in our ride….

We whave fond memories of trips to Hawaii back when we lived on the West Coast and in Japan. These little dashboard hula dancer dolls were for sale at every shop and we always brought them back. We have a Dashboard Hula Doll dancing in the Jeep. Grab one for fun at

We added an after market rear view camera which makes us feel safer reversing. After driving newer cars with rearview cameras we got a little dependent on them. This mirror allows you to see the rear view, a front view, a split screen view or turn it off for a regular mirror. Find your Wolfbox 12” Mirror Dashcam Backup Camera at

We took it to a local garage and they installed it along the roll bar. The wiring is seamless and doesn’t interfere with removing the doors. Make sure to order the Wolfbox Hardwire Kit at

Have you been ducked? Make sure to be ready to duck ‘em back! I ordered a 25 Pack of Rubber Duckies and I keep a few in the center console. Get yours at

Happy Jeepin’