Cement Pumpkins

Have you seen gorgeous cement pumpkins and wished to make your own? I’ve wanted to try it for years and finally did!!! Here’s my take on the project, supplies used and tips! You will need a bag of Quikrete High Strength Concrete Mix. The smallest bag I could find at lowes was 60 pounds and […]


Sharing a few of my favorite items {for me} + to gift. This tab is still in progress…. I adore the Gurgle Pot Fish Pitcher and this one comes as a set of 2.  They make a little gurgle sound as you pour. The tiny fish is perfect for creamer. Gave these to our moms for Mother’s […]

DIY Black Windows

Black windows are stunning. They are a bit more modern, expensive looking and an expensive upgrade at that. I decided to paint my windows in the kitchen for a little facelift that was FREE. You can too!!! You only need a few tools: Stir stick to stir your paint well. Black paint. Sandpaper. Frogtape. 1” […]

Nugget Ice Maker Splurge

In my 28 years of marriage we’ve never had a refrigerator that makes ice for very long. The ice maker freezes up, shuts down and we are out of luck. Many times when waiting for a repair attempt or sometimes after giving up I’d treat us to a bag of ice from Sonic. You can […]

Shower Product Dispenser for Home

I recently stayed in a VRBO and they had a shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser like you see in some hotels. My teenage son thought it was pretty cool which got me thinking…. I’m constantly finding empty bottles in the tub. They fall off the wall and half the contents go down the drain. A wall mounted […]