Bowling Lane Table

How did I end up with a bowling lane in the living room? Well, let’s back up a bit. Originally I planned to butcher block the kitchen island in the Pittsburgh house. I measured the existing granite and it was close to 3’x6’. I started searching Facebook marketplace for a 3×6 piece of butcher block. […]

Small Pantry Solutions

Our new home in Virginia has a much smaller pantry than we are accustomed to. It took some trial and error to maximize the space. Sharing all the ideas and products used for anyone facing small pantry challenges. Typically I like to use baskets for like items. My shelves aren’t very deep and the space […]

DIY Watermelon turtle

Why not elevate your fruit salad and serve it from a watermelon bowl? Even better when that watermelon becomes a turtle, right? It’s not as hard as it looks. Just start with a ripe watermelon. Cut it in half and hallow it out. My melon baller was packed so I used a metal tablespoon. It […]

Moving Supplies

Getting ready to move? I just stocked up on moving supplies and am packing away. Sharing a few tips and ideas below… I purchased boxes, packing paper, fresh black Sharpies, a few rolls of packing tape, labels as wells as Ziplocks – assorted sizes. As far as box styles I bought as I went along […]

Household Goods- transportation options

Post corona virus it’s tough to get a moving company. Summers are peak moving season anyway so trying to move this summer is trickier than ever!!! I researched a few options to get your household goods from A to B and will share them below: Moving company– get a free quote for everything. We had […]