Nugget Ice Maker Splurge

In my 28 years of marriage we’ve never had a refrigerator that makes ice for very long. The ice maker freezes up, shuts down and we are out of luck.

Many times when waiting for a repair attempt or sometimes after giving up I’d treat us to a bag of ice from Sonic. You can buy ice by the bag there for a few bucks and it’s soooo much better than big hunks from the freezer at the grocery store in my opinion.

After a few iceless weeks from our Samsung fridge and a failed repair I decided buying a stand alone ice maker is less than a fridge. Plus it only has one job. Surely it could continue to make ice unlike our refrigerator!!!

I asked around. I did some research. The GE PROFILE OPAL 2.0 COUNTERTOP NUGGET ICE MAKER 2.0 was the favored model and I opted for the additional water tank.

It felt expensive. My hubs grumbled about it.

Guess what? It was worth.every.penny and even he agrees. We all love the ice and even drink more water because of it!

If you’ve been on the fence about springing for one we have been extremely happy with this one.

Here’s my Amazon affiliate for this model

Forget spending money on repairing that broken ice maker in the fridge and do yourself a favor – just buy yourself a nugget ice maker. Treat yourself to the good ice!

Cheers- Kristen

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