Custom T-Shirt Blanket

1. Sort through your shirts and choose what you want to use- the front only, back only or both. Each side is counted as a “square”. Choose what is the most important and memorable.
2. You can use painters tape or a safety pin with a sticky note to stick to the side/sides that you wish to have used. Do not put pins through vinyl or tape on top of any vinyl. Do not cut t-shirts.


1. Each shirt “square” is priced at $12. That price will include materials (fusible interfacing, fleece, threads) and my time.
2. $5 surcharge per square requiring adaptions. For example- If you want to add logos from a sleeve to the square, a shirt that is smaller than 12×12, V-neck jerseys that need extra fabric added

-20 shirts is 4 shirts across and 5 down to make a rectangular twin size throw. 20 shirts would be $240. This is the most common size requested.
-25 tees running 5 across and 5 down makes a square size for $300.
-42 tees run 6 across and 7 down for a rectangular shape
-I’ve done up to 50 tees which can be 25 on each side or even 50 on the front for king size.
If you need specific measurements or would like a size not listed I can help you calculate.

1. I will cut tees into squares then I will send photos of the shirt arranged in a pattern for your approval.
I’ll message you through Facebook unless you prefer/provide a phone number to text. Nothing gets sewn until you approve the layout as this is your custom project.
2. I will sew together the front piece of the blanket using your shirts.
3. You will choose a polar fleece color for the back of the blanket.
4. I will sew the final product and get it back to you!

Allow 2 weeks to one month to finish a quilt. I take in a limited amount of quilts at Christmas and graduation as these are my busiest times.

Once complete I will ship the finished product back to you. The shipping fee has been around $20 depending on the size. I use priority mail with a tracking number and insurance. Once mailed I provide the tracking number and the final total of the blanket plus shipping. Checks or Venmo work for me.

Box ‘em up when you are ready and ship email me for my address.

For questions you can email

I’ll take care of the rest.

All my best,

Laurel Dane Designs, LLC

DIY Blogger, Personal Organizer and Designer

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