Well, I did something unconventional and painted over our terra cotta tile. I’m a rebel like that. I love to try new things and push the boundaries.

I read a few blogs, applied the principals I knew about paint and prayed it would work. I love how it turned out!

I’m still accessorizing the space but couldn’t wait to show you the floor!

I used the Rustoleum Chalked line in Linen White, Country Gray and Charcoal then sealed it with non-yellowing polycrylic.

First step was to vacuum/sweep and then scrub down the tile to make sure it was super clean. I used a sponge and Krud Kutter.

Once it was dry I painted in my white vertical stripes.

Once the white dried I painted my gray vertical stripes.

Next I painted the horizontal gray lines. Once I had that done I could see what color all of the tiles would be and gave the gray and whites another coat.

The tiles that were in the middle of the intersecting gray lines were painted black.

Lots of touching up went on for over a week. I’d go in and touch up all the white then let it dry. Return that evening and touch up the grays and probably got gray back on the white. Lol. It went on and on until I decided it was acceptable!

I sealed it twice so far with the polycrylic and plan to add 2 more coats eventually. I love the painted tile and it gave this bathroom so much personality.

If you are curious about the process or how it wears feel free to check in down the road! I have every expectation that it will hold up well:)

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