DIY Coach’s Gift


Looking for an end of season gift from the team?  I always have a tough time coming up with ideas other than gift cards.  One year I painted a football with the team logo on it free hand by using the simplified version on the hat as my guide.  Loved this idea and I’m pretty sure it was the last year our boys played football or I would have done it again for other end of year gifts.


We had all of the kids on the team sign the ball with a sharpie and gave it to the Coach at the end of season party…along with gift cards.

This concept would work with basketballs and soccer balls too!  If you can’t free hand you may be able to print off the logo from the team web site or use a sticker to ModPodge onto the ball.  I haven’t tried it -but it may work!

Makes a nice memento for your Coach who volunteered countless hours for the team 🙂

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